Lighthouse Italian Ice

Welcome to the Lighthouse

Lighthouse Italian Ice is the "taste of the Jersey Shore"; for our diehard fans, it's the taste of summer itself.

Why is the Lighthouse so popular? Our insistence on using only the best ingredients, combined with our old-world recipes and special production process, allows us to offer the finest Italian Ices available. But don't take our word for it; try one (or several!) of our ices yourself. We hope you agree that our Italian Ices are part of what makes summer special. We would love to hear from you; you can contact us at If we feature your comments in our "From our Fans" section, we'll even send you a (soon to be) famous Ligthouse Italian Ice t-shirt!

By the way, it seems that our loyal customers are no longer able to keep the Lighthouse Italian Ices all to themselves. The word (of mouth -- with Italian Ice, that's always the best kind) has been getting out. Not just among summer visitors, not just among residents of nearby states, but across the entire FoodNation! That's right, the Lighthouse has even been featured on FoodNation with Bobby Flay. We are so proud that Chef Flay visited our Point Pleasant store during his trip to the Jersey Shore. The television exposure is great, but not to worry dear customers, even as the crowds continue to swell, there'll be plenty of Lighthouse Italian Ice for everyone; we'll just keep making more!

Here's hoping that your summers are always as sweet as our Italian Ices!

                                                        -- Jimmy Callano
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